Chengdu Jinniu: Top Ten Project Key Projects launched to make a happy life

The event site. Cold Ice People’s Network Chengdu, March 4th, China increases the attraction of major projects, build a good school in the door, providing more excellent health services, accelerates the construction of talent apartment, enhances the accessibility of regional roads, and accelerates the organic area of ??the old area Update … Yesterday, the launching ceremony of the "Happiness and Beautiful Life Top Ten Project" in Jinniu District, Chengdu, issued a list of "10 major projects of happy life", innovation proposes "100 projects" Implementation measures.

At the meeting, the Jinniu District highlighted the company, the industry leads the company and excellent listed companies to thank the cards, including 237 companies such as China Railway Second Hospital Project Group Co., Ltd., have achieved highlighting the company medals, China Electronic Technology Group Corporation Teethers The six2 companies have received a modern industrial system to lead the enterprise medal, Chengdu Kanghong Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Chengdu Santai Holding Group Co., Ltd. and other five companies have received excellent listed enterprise medals.

What is the exhibition in system engineering that is broad, investment volume, strong investment, and powerful system engineering? It is understood that "the top ten projects of happiness and good life" is not only people’s livelihood projects, people’s heart projects, but also to promote high-quality development of traction projects, enhance urban development strategic advantages.

The Jinniu District is clear: will be guided by the common prosperity, innovation to implement residential income level improvement project; To be more comfortable, innovation, innovation, implement urban commuterating efficiency improvement project; innovation implementation of urban renewal and old community renovation project; innovate and implement ecological Huimin demonstration project with environmental protection and sanitation The internationalization of the market is internationally oriented, and innovation has implemented stable fair and business environment construction projects; the inspirational vitality is directed, and innovates the implementation of young innovation and entrepreneurship. Tough safety urban construction project; with the full public welfare of the whole age, innovate the implementation of the whole border friendship to accommodate social production project. "The top ten projects of Jinniu released" The list of opportunities "opportunity list involves all aspects of economic development, urban construction, people’s livelihood guarantee, social governance, etc., is a heavy opportunity for us, many of the second hospital’s main business is closely related.

"Jinniu District leading enterprise China Iron Second Hospital Project Group Co., Ltd. is a good business environment in Jinniu District, indicating that the power of central enterprises will play bricks in Jinniu’s" Happy and Beautiful Life ". In Chengdu Gate Business Circle The Chengdu-Chongqing Middle Rail High-speed Railway started Jinniu, Chengduke’s Corridor series Jinniu "four major strategic opportunities" blessings, Jinniu’s development of "potential" and "field" continuously, "investment Chengdu first choice Taurus "It is a shining business card. The person in charge of the Jinniu District said that the Jinniu District will innovate hundreds of projects to implement the" 10 major projects of happiness and good life ", continue to improve the quality of Jinniu, create a golden cattle brand, and revive the golden breeze. High-quality life is livable and co-construction, a new sample contributes more golden power. (Shi Xiu) (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Gao Hongxia).