[What are the ingredients for fried potato]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[What are the ingredients for fried potato]_ making method _ practice Daquan

The method of fried potato is relatively simple. The key is the matching of the seasoning. Because the seasoning is related to the taste of the potato, we like to eat spicy flavors. You can add paprika and like to eat salads.Join.

There are two types of fried potato, mainly dry and wet. You can learn how to mix and match the fried potato, and then add it when fried.

The ingredients are dry and wet.

1. The dried ones are made by chilli stir-fried and broken + salt + pepper noodles + monosodium glutamate; 2. the wet ones are two kinds of A, one is Zhaotong sauce or spicy sauce + water + monosodium glutamate + green onion + yuansu) + Pepper noodles + fried peanut noodles; B the other is brine rot juice + houttuynia + salt.

If you are not a native of Yunnan, you should be cautious when eating Houttuynia cordata, and you will have a strong reaction when you first eat it. People who have n’t lived in Yunnan for a long time have difficulty adapting to the unique taste of Houttuynia cordata.

Deep-fried potato is a special snack popular in various states of Yunnan and Sichuan. The production method is to cut potatoes into pieces or strips and fry them in a frying pan. They are fried, cooked, and crispy to some extent.

It is also mixed with various condiments, plus fermented bean curd, pickled radish, cilantro, spring onion, and local special chili noodles, and it starts to stir. The taste is spicy and refreshing.

Potato, scientific name potato, is also called potato.

One of Sichuan’s most distinctive snacks, fried potato: selected high-quality potatoes, peeled and cut into pieces, soaked in water to remove surface starch and fried, fried to different degrees according to different people’s tastes, plus green onions and corianderSeasonings such as chili noodles and bean curd are eaten in many streets and alleys in Sichuan.