Surprised,There is a very strong upper god with hidden strength(They think so)Come to participate in the wizard test,The depressed nature is that this mission has failed。Notice,This kind of mission failed due to poor intelligence in the fairy castle,Although there is no need to explain to the examiner,But for the staff who perform tasks on selected tasks,Bonus will be deducted,Influence promotion。

“grown ups,Do you really want to?Just let the Wright-sama three-star elf identity。”Enchanting man Karl asked,Quite puzzled in the tone。
“Carl,You do not understand,Each of our stewards has a quota,To befriend those powerful gods。”
“According to those middle gods,The strength of the bloody castle is stronger than our intelligence,Almost six-star strength。And that one【Lord Wright】But can use gravity space to suppress his speed by half,And Cadiz is also a very powerful five-star elf,Kicked away。In my opinion,This Master Wright is at least six-star peak level and is good at domain suppression methods,If he is not in the field of specialization,That’s more terrible,It’s definitely a seven-star level!”
“A suspected Qixing,At least six-star strong,We should use our power to make him and his friends official elves.。Besides, I have no plans to make his two friends also become Samsung Elves,It is enough to give them two one-star elves。After all, according to intelligence,One of those two is the upper god,The other one can be regarded as an elite among the middle gods,The strength absolutely meets the standard of the general elves。”
“Such a big man,Although it’s easy to pass the test again,But we save him some trouble,Maybe you can get some good impressions,Anyway!”
“I’ll go and contact them?”
“Don’t worry,Wait for that adult to enter the city,Contact him again。Be careful not to offend the Lord Wright,I will report this to the lord of the city!”
Metal life waited a while,The upper god elf Kadiz and the three stumbled and flew to the door of metal life,Made all three staff members scared。quickly,After making sure there is no one,The metal life quickly left this area。
Along the way,Whether it’s the middle god or upper god rescued by Wright,Or the three high-level gods of Kardex,They all give Wright a bite【grown ups】!
Although Wright did not intend to intervene in other people’s grudges,But since Cadiz is alive to escape,He will not deliberately make others ugly。After all,The grudges between these bloody castle masters and these elves,Has nothing to do with him。
Cadiz deliberately befriended,Wright also hopes to learn more about the information in the life god world from him。The two talked happily along the way。
As for some other gods,They all feel too weak in strength,Although I am grateful, I dare not come forward to talk。
“Next assessment?Lord Wright,Do you mean the wizard assessment?Don’t worry,The fairy castle is not so dull,I dare say maybe after you return to the city,They will give you the identity of an elf!”
Wright froze:“this is okay too?We failed the assessment!”
“This assessment,In fact, it is to determine whether the strength of the middle gods is strong enough,With the strength of an adult,At least it’s a six-star level。If they are not stupid,I will definitely arrange formal elf status for you and two friends。”
“It would be much more convenient!”Wright chuckles。
Chatting with each other on metal life,Wright’s understanding of the God Realm of Life has gradually deepened。