The big white rabbit is invited to join the group

Small octopus is invited to join the group
Lonely wind is invited to join the group
“Who is this??”Zhou Ye whispered a few words。
He continues to drop the message,It is found that Sun Jun At is the news.。
Sun Jun:“Everyone comes to welcome the new department comrades.!”
White rabbit:“Thank you teacher,。”
Small octopus:“ジ,Teacher is good,We are the Wuhan People’s Hospital automatically invasive doctors who come over to the immunity.。”
Lonely wind:“In the future!”
Zhou Ye has just read the news。
Then Sun Jun was it.。
“I go,It I do?”Zhou Ye worsen,Do you want you to say a few words?
After all, he is also a department in the department.“Veteran”NS,Hahaha。
I think that he smiled silently.。
Who knows Sun Jun immediately adds a sentence.:“I will ask Xiao Wu after you don’t understand.,Wait for the dormitory report,Xiao I will help you arrange。”
“I Nima,I am a break.。”Zhou Ye I don’t want to start the bed at all.。
This soft bed should not be too comfortable.。
What to do?
I have to give these new piral doctors to arrange dormitory?
Zhou Ye’s face seems to be a slap in the face.,feels awful。
He originally wants to pretend that she is already asleep.,Who once thought that Sun Jun directly called it.。
Zhou Yewu’s mother is still wrong,Listen directly,By the way“Hands-free”
“what,I thought you were resting.,I didn’t want to trouble you.,That is, there are several regulatory students to report,You are in the dormitory.,Waiting for them to find aunt,Then tell what you go to work.。”
Sun Jun said that the tone of the head is very sincere.,But in love, there is still a little 贱。
Zhou Ye promised,Hang a phone。
It seems that Xu Wei’s thing is just letting Sun Jun’s patient.,There is no trivial thing in the department.。
“Who told me about the new star in the future of Tianfeng Medical community?,This bitter can only eat me.。”Zhou Ye helpless。
Zhou Ye continues to pay attention to the news in the group。
A total of three persons doctors,Seeing their self-introduction。
Big white rabbit called Yu Shija,Linping Medical College,Clinical Medicine,Standard three,Ding respiratory,Have a licensed certificate!
Little octopus is Luo Bing,Linping Medical College,Clinical undergraduate,Standard three,Ding respiratory,Have a licensed certificate!
Lonely wind called horse big wave,Linping Medical College,Internal medicine,Secondary,Infectious department,Have a licensed certificate!
I go。
This one has the qualification certificate of practicing doctors.,Also graduate。
I suddenly squeezed。
He feels yourself“Western medicine in the future, Linping Medical”The status is not guaranteed.!
But this is actually a good thing.。