Marksmanship is like a river,Roundabout。

The three types of laws that Wright now masters,They are guessed as likely to be the law of fire【The Profound Meaning of Fire】、Previous life‘Drill punch’Created for the source【The Profound Meaning of Water】,And Wright often casts that gravity spell,perhaps、There may be a hint of insight【Gravity space mystery】。
Of course, at the end Wright only felt that there might be a hint of sentiment,Not formed into a system,Can integrate into the use of tricks。
The so-called practice principle,In fact, it is to perceive the operating rules of heaven and earth elements。Wright Earth Fire Elemental Affinity Super,With your eyes closed, you can feel the fluctuations of the two elements of the earth flame between the sky and the earth,But there is no fit for the water element between heaven and earth,but‘The Profound Meaning of Water’Is not slow in practice。
on the one hand,Wright’s achievements in drilling punches in his previous life are even higher。
On the other hand,It’s also Wright’s personality that may fit better‘water’。
Character fit,Make Wright easier in life、Feeling in the battle,Break through‘Law of water’Bottleneck in spiritual practice。
In an instant,Lightmouth suddenly opened。
The characteristics of water are‘circulation’,But circulation is not just the flow of water,It also includes the accumulation and release of power。
Flowing water up against gravity,Is savings。Pouring,Is release。
Water is compressed,Is savings。Water expansion,Is release。
Wright goes one step further on the path of the law of water!
And this heavy perception,Directly into the fighting spirit,Although Wright’s vindictiveness is of fire attribute,But it can still be compressed,Now in Wright’s body,The vindictiveness of the fire attribute began to compress and transform。
The flames of fighting qi slowly flow all over the body,The strength of fighting energy gradually penetrated into the meridians in Wright’s body,Even the subtleties of the internal organs。Every breath,Wright felt his own temper slowly changing。
When the vindictiveness has changed to a certain degree,Dan Tianzhong trembled unexpectedly,The liquefied vindictive spirit in the entire lower dantian surging like a wave,The speed of breakthrough has become extremely fast。
now,A faint fiery red vindictiveness penetrates Wright’s body,Cover his body with a fiery halo。