He didn’t dare to stand up against Long Zhanye,Especially after seeing Tu Shanming hit Xiang Zuo with a knife。

Unsure battle,Zhao Changqing rarely plays,Because he can’t afford to lose!
“Nothing!Since Master Gaia has left this to me,I’ll make an exception,How about an altar of light with you!I want to see what you can do!”Zhao Changqing has a dilemma,Simply skip the challenge,Turn to。
With his words,Behind
The priests and temple guards have given way。
Huang Shaotian is going in,But I heard Big Brother Wu Hao spit out a heavy breath。
“Wait!”Lu Menglin raised his head,Piercing eyes。
“No need to enter the hall!Sacrifice right here,Let everyone be a witness。”
I heard Wu Hao’s words,Everyone present was taken aback,Can’t help but talk。
“What does Wu Hao want to do?Do not enter the Guangming Dragon Temple,Does he want to sacrifice on the street??
“What a joke?Is he crazy?”
“Who knows?They are the famous Dragon God’s patrons。Maybe he has his own skills。”
“impossible!He didn’t even go in the hall。Also sacrifice a hammer。Wash and go home to sleep!”
For a time,There was a lot of discussion around,All voices of doubt。
Even the beauty priest Huang Shaotian doesn’t understand,Asked softly:“Brother Wuhao,what do you mean?Are we really not going in?”
Lu Menglin holding Lei Ji’s remains,Shook his head blankly。
Zhao Changqing on the side laughed loudly:“Ok?Wuhao, aren’t you afraid??It’s ok,You go in,I, Zhao Changqing, dare to use my life as a guarantee,How did you get in and how did you get out?If you really don’t dare,does not matter!As long as you yell,My Wuhao is a turtle,I’ll let you go,nothing。”
People on the long street talked,They all looked at Master Wu Hao with distrust。
They all think this thing is really weird。I don’t know what medicine is sold in Master Wu Hao’s gourd?