Since this time,Dad visits their house very often,Almost grows here,The smile on mom’s face is getting more and more,She also thinks it feels good to have a father,but,Will this kind of life last?,No one can guarantee。

Chapter One Hundred and Thirteen Charcoal in the snow
before,Every festival that Chinese people care most about,Dad won’t come,By his side,Not mother。
Mom doesn’t say anything,It’s not uncomfortable in my heart。
Daughter’s birthday is mother’s Good Friday,Such an important day,She will never leave her mother alone。
Willow hugs mother’s waist,Lie in her arms and feel the warmth of mother,“mom,I’ll order a cake for grandpa,It’s the cake shop I talked about last time,The durian pastry they make tastes great,Grandpa will like it。”
“how about you,Don’t you congratulate grandpa on his birthday??”Yang Qiuyun stroked her daughter’s long hair once,Slightly stiff hair is the same as her father,Girl with this hair,Stubborn,Will suffer。
Soft words are full of thoughtful words,“Grandpa loves you so much,Never gave us a cold face,Even in those few years,Your grandpa didn’t forget your birthday,In the finishing box under the bed,All the dolls his old man gave you,This affection,It’s not as simple as talking about it。”
“Yiyi,You are 22 years old this year,Not a kid anymore,Should be getting more and more sensible,His old man is 70 years old,It’s not easy to have a whole birthday,Mom knows that you are afraid that mom will stay at home alone,it does not matter,Really,Mom has been used to it for so many years。”
Mother’s words reveal deep helplessness,Willow sour,The arms around mom are getting tighter,“mom,I will accompany you。”
“Silly boy,You want to marry,If everything goes well,Yun and that kid will marry you home,I won’t be my mother alone?”
“.Where’s dad,Won’t dad give you a name??”
“.Your father is the president of the company,If marriage changes,Will affect the company’s stock price,mom,Not so important。”
Yes,If dad would do that,I wouldn’t lie to my mother,These two things happened,Yangliu doesn’t believe that Dad really doesn’t know,But he didn’t react at all,Can only say in his heart,Still important。