Why does someone seem to be richer than him?!

Chapter 841 Happy life
and so,Be a super rich coal mine boss,Actually questioning each other,Is there money and time to do whatever you want,Why does this scene look so funny to others?It’s full of postmodernist cold humor!
“Yes!Money means you can do whatever you want!and,I’m not just rich。”Lu Menglin answered with a smile on his face。
“Oh shit!do not care,Hold the person first!”Zhu Yanshou furiously said。
The people in black around heard what the second master said,But pretended not to hear,Because they are all under the three masters,I ate the third master’s meal。
Zhu Yanping frowned,Because he is thinking,And it’s hard thinking,Do you want to knock these boys to the ground,Control it first?
This is really a good question!It’s a pity he didn’t have a chance to choose!Because Lu Menglin spoke。
“Since they are not going to make sense,So we don’t have to be reasonable。Nange,Walk for the sky!”
The voice has not fallen,Chen Jiannan has already jumped out。
He is like a vigorous cheetah,Alone alone took the lead in attacking the people in black around。
No one thought,Chen Jiannan is so brave,One person launched an offensive against a group of people。
And what is even more unexpected is,Those thugs raised by the Zhu family,Can’t even hold a face under Chen Jiannan’s hands,Like a tiger into the flock,I fell down four or five in an instant。
The remaining thugs did not hold on for three seconds,Were all knocked to the ground by Chen Jiannan,Some foam at the mouth,Some snorted,Completely lost combat effectiveness。
Everyone present was dumbfounded,Some of them have heard of Nange’s reputation,But I didn’t know that Brother Nan was so violently like this。