When I was fighting against Feng Buxiu,He can put the entire back mountain in his own mood,Not working now。

“that,That is……”
In the eyes of the audience,The situation on the field at the moment is beyond their imagination。
What the two released is not martial art at all,But has an extremely powerful force。
artistic conception!
Someone suddenly thought,Casually。
It’s just why the artistic conception of entering the Holy Land can reach this level,The terrible ink stained the entire martial arts field,In that ink,Everything becomes static。
No sound,Airless flow,No breath。
Chen Daoming’s pupils dilated,He didn’t expect,The proud three-step return is indeed such a result。
Three steps in front of the opponent round one hundred meters,Even from the strength of the artistic conception itself,His mood is stronger,But still not a concept。
Chen Daoming vomiting blood,The three steps in front of him shattered instantly after touching the ink,Like glass, it doesn’t have the slightest resistance。
Xia Chenglong,This name really isn’t something he can get involved。
now,I finally understand why those absolute bosses on weekdays have such expressions after mentioning Xia Chenglong。
He also understood what my father said before。