Old man chorus can both solve loneliness and cultivate sentiment

Old man chorus can both solve loneliness and cultivate sentiment

Tao Liqun, an elderly social medical scholar at the China Center for Aging Science, said that chorus can no longer resolve loneliness, cultivate sentiment, and can exercise heart and lung function and prolong life.

  Tao Liqun said that if the elderly do not have a job after retirement, they will suddenly feel lonely and have a psychological gap.

Participate in chorus, integrate yourself into the group, talk and laugh, not only can lay down loneliness, but also effectively prevent the occurrence of dementia.

It is good for the heart and lung function to practice the sound every day. According to the song, the conscious control of the breath can achieve the effect of exercising the chest and abdomen.

Many people didn’t have good sleep quality before they practiced chorus. After singing for an hour or two in the morning, they slept very well at night.

Studies have shown that when people sing, a hormone called oxytocin is released in the brain, which is often enjoyable and enhances immunity.

  Tao Liqun reminded that chorus should try to choose a place that is prone to pollution, preferably a tree-lined square or park.

Older people should sing for no more than two hours a day, preferably ten minutes every half an hour.

At the same time, learn the correct way to voice, do not choose songs with high defects.