Community housing, relieving Baby – Liaocheng Exploration to carry out Puhetic infant housing services

  ■ Text / Figure Liu Xiaoxi November 9, at 9:00 am, Xuan Xuan in the age of 2 came to the Mother’s accompanied by the mother of the city, the water city education center of Xiangyang Community Service Center. Here, he will work together with more than 20 children.

  In recent years, with the implementation of the two children, the implementation of the three children’s policy, the baby will have a balance between the baby and how to balance the work. In the face of the masses, the masses are difficult to bring this sweet burden, and the city actively promotes the housing services of the Popular infants and young children and explores the housing and managed services in the community. In September this year, under the leadership of the Municipal Women’s Federation, Into the Municipal Women’s Children’s Activity Center and the water city pilot housing center will officially operate.

  The volunteers of the watercourage parenting center are collectively integrated with the first integration, hosted, pension, and tutor in Shandong Province, mainly providing the integrated place of interest in Shandong Province, mainly providing 0-3 years old infants, 6 – 12-year-old children’s hosted, quality education, family education, parent-child activities, etc. The person in charge of the center introduced that there are currently 1 and a half years of infants charge 1580 yuan per month, one and a half to three years old, and the left-behind children and difficult family can reduce 500 yuan per month.

  Whether this community housing project can be effectively accompanied by parents’ needs.

In the watercound home hillow center, psychological counseling room, maternal and child feeding room, health room, central kitchen restaurant, activity room, sleep indoor equipment. In order to better meet the needs of parents to serve the service, the center also produced "Shui City Health Housing Standardization Operation System Manual" "Shuicheng Health Hillings Standardization Evaluation System Manual" Multi-class courses such as courses, music courses, provide appropriate managed, homage services based on the development characteristics of children in different age. In the teacher’s counseling, playing games in the practice process, the water city education family project has also received a strong support of the ancient building sub-district office, Liaochangfu District Maternal and Child Health Hospital, and the support of Xiangyang community. This summer, we invited a Liaocheng Experimental Middle School Teacher to carry out public welfare summer hosted classes, and effectively solve the summer child’s watch, safety issues.

Public welfare medical examination, parenting lectures, regular public welfare medical examination, parenting lectures, regularly held by the District Maternal and Child Health Hospital, are deeply welcomed by parents and children. In addition, the joining of social organizations such as towel volunteers, party volunteers, young volunteers, literary volunteers, community volunteers, provide assistance to the development of various service projects. Wang Huizhi said.

  Tian Guizhen’s old man is one of the volunteers who take the initiative to provide interest in tutoring services.

Here, she is actively participating in the community old class, with other old people to participate in a colorful community event, and also serve the teachers of the children, the obligations take children practice calligraphy and painting.

I can give some meaningful things to residents, I feel very fulfilling, happy! Tian Guizhen said.

  The community housing, how to protect the quality of service is the focus of social attention in recent years. The "14th Five-Year Actual Actual Office" is proposed in the Implementation Plan of Population Old Project and Housing Construction. It is necessary to enhance the level of pension management services, and gradually construct the pension service system in which the home community institution is coordinated, and the medical intensity is gradually established. China Children’s Center also planning the initiating home agency to have a good family actions plan, hoping to use the community to nourish more children with high-quality education. Today, in the water city of Xiangyang Community, the residents have enabled residents to enjoy high quality and assured hustle, hosted services, and gradually become reality.

  This is a try to strengthen the cooperation of kindergartens (schools), families and society (community) education. Li Guizhi, director of the Women’s Children’s Activity Center, said that after the mutual pilot, the Municipal Women’s Federation will bring a point, chain radiation other communities, measures and break through the problem of tissue, and build a chat city family education demonstration project and home school society Troubleshooting quality brands, leading the city’s family to build a family, good family teaching, good home. [Responsible Editor: Hou Mingming].