[Do you eat pepper?]_Efficacy_Precautions

[Do you eat pepper?]_Efficacy_Precautions

Zanthoxylum is a common condiment. In fact, eating Zanthoxylum in a moderate amount has many benefits to the human body. Zanthoxylum can increase appetite, can also remove bacteria in the body, and improve the function of the digestive system in the stomach. Although eating Zanthoxylum is good for people’s healthHowever, there are some taboos when eating peppercorns. Many people worry that after eating peppercorns, they will get angry. Will they get angry when they eat peppercorns?

Eat peppercorns to get angry?

Zanthoxylum is hot, and eating too much can easily lead to fire.

There are many things that pregnant pregnant women of Zanthoxylum do not eat. Most of them are afraid that some of the food itself will harm their babies, or that some of the places that move the womb will be fatal.fetus.

However, the reason why the peppercorns are not eaten is that they are afraid of pregnant women’s reactions such as vomiting and diarrhea. Although this does not directly affect the health of the baby, if it becomes serious, the nutrition of the pregnant woman will be eaten.

Xuanhuowang people don’t eat. Although pepper is a kind of warm medicinal material, it has the function of dispel cold. If we don’t pay attention to this, the temperature of yin and yang in the body will be more unbalanced, affecting the health of the body.

Females should not eat spicy or irritating foods after intervention. Zanthoxylum is just such an irritating food. If they are consumed after intervention, it is likely to have a serious impact on women’s menstruation.One of the most noticeable anomalies of peppercorns.

What are the benefits of Zanthoxylum?

1. Increase the appetite and aroma of peppercorns, which can remove bacteria and odor from food, enhance human body’s saliva secretion, and promote people’s appetite.

So after eating peppercorns, many people will have a big appetite.

However, it should be noted that peppercorns are relatively irritating, and not everyone is suitable for eating peppercorns, so everyone should control their consumption.

2. Improve the gastrointestinal health. Zanthoxylum can relieve the abdominal pain and vomiting of the human body, and achieve the effect of analgesic and hemostasis. It can also share with ginger and protect the function of the spleen and stomach, especially suitable for people with relatively cold bodies.

In addition, if co-administered with Atractylodes macrocephala and Amomum villosum, it can also relieve the symptoms of cold and dampness.

3, reduce the symptoms of abdominal pain Zanthoxylum can treat abnormal manifestations such as diarrhea, hand, foot, and inversion, and is equivalent to ebony and cork, but also treat pediatric ascariasis.

In addition, Zanthoxylum can help eliminate gastrointestinal parasites and protect gastrointestinal functions, and achieve dehumidification and analgesia, insecticidal and detoxification, and relief of abdominal pain.