[Do potatoes and eggplants match?]_ Diet conditioning _ diet taboos

[Do potatoes and eggplants match?]_ Diet conditioning _ diet taboos

Eggplant and potatoes are very common ingredients in our lives, and they can also make a lot of delicious seasonings, but some friends may have some doubts about these two ingredients, that is, whether eggplant and potatoes will have the same effect.If you are a friend of arthritis in a developing country, you should try to avoid this combination.

Potatoes and eggplants eat together: Alternating joint disease recurrence.

Potato diet taboo 1,[food suitable]Potato and celery with the same food: lower blood pressure, relieve fatigue, prevent constipation.

2,[Food phase grams]Potatoes and bananas eat together: freckles.

Roast beef with potatoes, causing gastrointestinal discomfort.

Potatoes cannot be eaten with persimmons.

Eggs and potatoes are eaten at the same time, causing great damage to the vitality, spleen and stomach, and severe poisoning.

Potatoes and pomegranates can cause poisoning when eaten together. You can use leek to break down the poison.

The method of dry-fried celery potatoes is the main ingredients: 200 grams of celery, 170 grams of potatoes, and 8 grams of sesame. Ingredients: the right amount of salt 2. Practice 1, prepare the right amount of vegetables according to the number of people.

Shred the potatoes, cut the celery into two or one tablespoons of oil and stir-fry the potatoes until they are soft. (Note: The potatoes contain starch. Be careful not to stick to the pan when frying.

) 3, add celery and stir fry (note: try to fry the celery moisture as much as possible) 4, add sesame 5 and add an appropriate amount of salt to stir fry until you can cook