Although Monkey King has some changes now,But this bragging personality has not changed,In the view of Sedum,Monkey King will be taught another lesson soon。

“Anyway anyway,As long as I refine the demon,You can definitely advance to level 4,By the time,I think we can meet each other and exchange friendship。”
“It just so happens that I will also let you two see the power of Tier 4。”
Monkey King said with a smile,His face is full of unkind smiles,As long as he refines the demon,Advanced Level Four,Sedum?Nezha?These two friends who often laugh at him are just waiting for him to come and chat。
Although Monkey King won’t kill him,But it’s okay to tease these two bad friends a little,At the very least, Monkey King should teach these two damaging friends what it means to respect the strong,The weak and the strong。
“Tier 4 boss,Nezha group members,I’m so scared。”
“but,It is a pity,I will soon be in the devil world where my elder brother General Fei Peng lives in seclusion,I really hope that the Monkey King group members can show us a battle between Tier 4 and Tier 5。”
“Didn’t the legendary Tianjiao say that everyone can fight higher??Monkey King group members are so powerful,It must also be the arrogant of the Monster Race that has been difficult to produce for hundreds of years。”
“but,My elder brother, General Feipeng, is warlike after all,It may not be able to control the strength after a fight,therefore,The Monkey King group members ask for more blessings。”
Jingtian winked at Monkey King,Said with a smile,He is waiting for Monkey King in the Devildom,It depends on whether Sun Wukong dare to come and find him。
“Coincidentally,My teacher Xu Xian is also Tier 4,Maybe the Monkey King group members can go to my teacher to chat after reaching the fourth level?See who is stronger?Moreover,Monkey King, how old are you,And bullied a child under five。”
“Yaozu’s face has lost you all,Return the Lord of the Monster Race?King of the Demon King?I’m afraid I didn’t want to laugh at me?Then inherit my points?”
Nezha also said with a smile,Bullying him a kid,Monkey King really gave the head of the demon clan,Go to his teacher Xu Xian if you can,See who is strong。
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Determined
“Between good friends,How can it be called a bully?Isn’t this Yiwu meeting friends??”
“Moreover,You two know to move backer,Not enterprising,My Sun Wukong has your two hurt friends in this life,It’s really the misfortune of my Monkey King。”
Monkey King looked at the two lossy friends who moved out of the backer in front of him,General Scabbling,The Fourth Tier Xu Xian,He seems to be really unable to fight,I can only say with a wry smile,Can these two talk friendly and brag,Do you want to scare him to death by moving out of the backer??