The wooden knife smiled:“Okay!Just do as you said!Which ones are in the past?”

“Wooden knife,Huang Shaotian,Tu Shanming,And I!Our four are the strongest,Look over。Brother Wang and Brother Liu stay,Everyone is on the spot。”Lu Menglin casually ordered。
There are no spiders here,No enemies,And the terrain is good,Alu keeps Wang Zhaoyun and Liu Wenzhang,Plus eight brothers in C,It’s also very safe and thoughtful。
Of course the wooden knife knows the reason why soldiers are expensive,Think a little,Nodded:“it is good,We go to find the way。”
A moment later,Lu Menglin took Huang Shaotian,Wooden knife handle and Tu Shanming,The four of them touched forward。
The four cautiously walked forward more than a hundred steps,Passed two corners。
At this moment,The other three besides Lu Menglin,I also heard the sound of fighting from the front。
The wooden knife handle and Tu Shanming couldn’t help but glance at each other,Both of them saw the intention in each other’s eyes。
Guicai believes that Alu heard it with ears,Separated so far,There is a rock wall in the middle,There must be a secret in this kid。
but,Of course you shouldn’t explore A Lu’s secret at this time,But to focus on the front end。
Needless to say,All four of them held their breath,Converge the body’s breath to the extreme,Quietly touched the battlefield。
quickly,The four were close to the edge of the battlefield。
Good guy,This is a rare and truly big scene。
A team of more than 30 people,Is struggling with a large number of dark monsters。
God people in the battlefield,Half of it is level 40,The other half are also good players at level 38,Very strong。
And their opponents except Sirius、Fangs、In addition to the four major spiders of Flower Kiss and Moon Demon,There are also a few tall and majestic monster giants,Full of muscles,Whole body blue and black,At first glance, it’s extremely difficult to mess with。
The battlefield ahead is divided into several large pieces,Has formed a glued state。