Lu Menglin smiled,Stepped forward and patted his arm,Tao:“Is there a place to stay in Guangzhou??What do you plan to do?”

Chen Jiannan grinned proudly:“Have a place!My brother-in-law is watching the bar over there,I mix with him。”
Hear this answer,The other three have different expressions。
In the eyes of Wang Shaoxiao and Feng Nan,To be able to see the scene in a Guangzhou bar,At least seven or eight hundred yuan a month!And you can also see the wind and the moon,Sounds foreign。
But in Lu Menglin’s eyes,This kind of work is more speechless,No technical content,And there is no room for sustainable development。
“If you can save money,Buy a suite over there first,Can make up for the down payment。Remember not to touch drugs and bet,That is a bottomless pit。”Lu Menglin said lightly。
Chen Jiannan listened very carefully,Then he nodded vigorously,Shen Sheng:“it is good!I remember。”
He hasn’t done anything for Lu Menglin yet,People first care about their life after going to Guangzhou。
Chen Jiannan thought to himself,Lu Menglin’s heart is really good!It’s a pity to befriend him too late。
“This is the phone number of the Guangzhou business department in the factory,My dad is a manager over there。You hold,In case something happens,Can call,Are all from the factory,He will take care of you。”
Lu Menglin took out a pen and paper from his schoolbag,唰唰Write down the phone number,Into Chen Jiannan’s hands。
Chen Jiannan was shocked,My heart is suddenly turbulent。This note represents a way out,A promise,This favor is great。
“I won’t say anything if you thank you!What you are going to do this time,I must do it beautifully for you。”Chen Jiannan solemnly put the note into his pocket,Said seriously。
“that,How do you do it?”Wang Shaoxiao asked eagerly。