Remember: don’t take health care products as medicine


Remember: don’t take health care products as medicine

Some health care products are blowing cattle. At present, there are many kinds of health care products on the market.

In front of the health product counter in a shopping mall in Longgang, the reporter made a rough statistics. The counter sold about 30 kinds of domestic health products, of which nearly 20 were retail prices above 100 yuan.

  The health care products are regarded as medicines, and the efficacy promotion is carried out; the medicines that are not related to the Nobel Prize in Medicine have become misleading citizens for the “Nobel Prize latest achievement”. Recently, the Longgang Food and Drug Administration Branch in the law enforcement inspection, the whole districtSome pharmacies that sold exaggerated large health products were investigated.

  The law enforcement officers of the bureau once found in a Diabetes Food Store in Longcheng that the “Qilekang” capsule health products sold by the store were suspected of false propaganda exaggerating the effect, claiming to have a repairing effect on islet β cells and “can cure diabetes”.Wait.

According to the relevant regulations of the state, health products are prohibited from promoting efficacy.

Law enforcement officials also found that the store’s products actually picked up the “tiger skin” of the Nobel Prize in Medicine, and supported the “big banner” for their products, seriously misleading consumers.

  Law enforcement officials told reporters that the current public health products false propaganda mainly has the following measures: First, directly claiming to have a therapeutic effect, attempting to replace with drugs; second, exaggerating the function of health food; third, suggesting curative effect on the packaging of health care products.

However, the State Food Sanitation Law stipulates that health foods with specific functions shall not be harmful to human health. The product specifications must be true, the functions and ingredients must be consistent with the instructions, and there must be no falsehood; health foods should not be added to drugs.

  Experts warn: Do not take health care products as medicine. The director of the Department of Orthopaedics at Longgang Central Hospital pointed out that any health care products can not replace medicines and become the “main force” for treating diseases.

Health care products can only be used as an auxiliary method to treat diseases, and they are aimed at the metabolism of the human body.

Although some health products are also composed of traditional Chinese medicines or extracts of traditional Chinese medicines, these Chinese medicines are formulated from the perspective of health care, not for the purpose of treating diseases.

Therefore, if the consumer gets sick, he should take the medicine under the guidance of the doctor. Do not take the health care product as a medicine. It has delayed the treatment time and can make the condition worse.