China needs to activate the global vitality of 235 overseas brands.

Original title: China needs to activate the global vitality of 235 overseas brand transactions, thousands of China’s domestic demand market is activating global vitality, overseas small brands have achieved growth this year. Ali announced that from November 1st to 11th, 235 overseas brands broke in Tmall, and the turnover of millions of brands increased by 46%.

Tmall Double 11 is still very attractive to overseas merchants. This year, Tmall Double 11 attracted more than 10,000 overseas brands, including more than 2,800 overseas new brands, through Tmall International Participate in Double 11.

Consumers play 87 countries and regions in Tmall International "Cloud Exit Shopping". The new supply meets new needs, and the new trend of import consumption is constantly emerging.

Consumers’ "global shopping cart" is equipped with imported small perfume, Japan’s second-hand luxury, overseas origin, and the player hand, to meet their exquisite personality consumer experience, and expectations to a better life.

Outbound travel, overseas physical stores, small and medium-sized brands accelerated to China market outlet.

The "big black house" of "Big Black House", Brandoff, which has been "punched in the card", BRANDOFF, etc. in Japan, in advance, the big black house is located in Osaka, Shibuya, Shinjuku The goods are all scheduled for Tmall consumers.

Double 11 and Jinbo will be carried out in sync, just in the exhibition of overseas specialty industries, the small and medium-sized businesses, through Tmall International, will join the new product synchronization double 11 sales.

North America has the most retail stores in Canada, and the Mountains, the Mountains, who entered the Expo and Tmall International. The sales of the Dashanshow Overseas flagship store exceeded the sales of the two 11 hours before last year. "Although the epidemic challenge is still there, we have deeply feel that 14 billion Chinese consumers’ pursuit of a good life is always the trend for the future, but also the deep power of China’s economic growth.

Liu Peng, president of Alibaba B2C Retail Business Group, said that import retail platform Tmall International will continue to introduce overseas brands, more continuous innovation, and improve cross-border supply chain stability.

Over the past two years, the global epidemic situation is limited, and the import consumption acceleration line is upturn. Cross-border e-commerce has become an important force in stable foreign trade as a new business. Because of October 2021, Tmall International has grown over 120% year-on-year in the past year.

Under the support of national policies and customs, cross-border e-commerce platform accelerate the improvement of imported ecological infrastructure, innovation, and introduced the promotion of the promotion of this promotion, and built the fast lane in overseas China and small brands.

Starting in 2020, Tmall International continued to promote the new world model model of "Bonded Import + Retail Processing" in China, which is currently landing in Hangzhou, Suzhou, Hainan, etc. Multi-class.

During this year, during the 11th period, Tmall International Suzhou Beauty "New World Factory" first successfully delivered, from demand to finished product delivery, cycle shorten two-third, saving 30% production cost. Implementation of retail and customized sales for consumers, to build fast lanes in overseas small brands into China. Tmall double 11 is also a globalized double 11, and domestic and foreign merchants share the Chinese market, and importing consumption highlights domestic demand potential. This year, Tmall Double 11 and the Expo in parallel, Alibaba imports 200 billion US dollars (about trillion yuan) plan, the third year, has completed 104% of the phased goals, and it has been overshaded for three consecutive years.

Alibaba imported business will continue to improve the construction of imported ecological infrastructure such as logistics, warehousing, supply chain, helping the new development of domestic international dual cycles to further release domestic import consumer demand.

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